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Could Cobbles be retained in Western Road?

by timhuggan on 4 December, 2020

Cobbles on Western Road

As streetworks have progressed on Western Road. The cobbles underneath the tarmac have been exposed and they are in surprisingly good condition.

It has been suggested that the cobbles could be retained rather than burying them under tarmac again. The Local Lib Dem team are working with the Cabinet Member responsible to see if local residents support this.

The positives for uncovering the cobbles are that it will slow traffic down, have fewer school run cars there and enhance the historical asset of the road. Negatives are that it will be noisier for residents and that it will be a less easy ride for cyclists. Please let us know what you think by emailing us at [email protected] or using this link :-


5 Responses

  1. Michael Gallivan says:

    I live at 252 Western road so I have skin in the game.
    I would be all in favour of retaining the setts and not covering them with tarmac as long I could be assured that they would be kept in a very good condition with repairs done quickly and appropriately.
    I fear that a shallow covering with tarmac will only deteriorate quite quickly and lead to endless patching.

    I also think that thought should be given to making the road one way

  2. Barry Clark says:

    The address given re. doodle poll is not accessible.
    My wife and I are both of the opinion that the retention of a stone sett road surface is detrimental in that there will be higher noise levels, but more importantly the uneven nature of the setts will be dangerous for not only pedestrians who need to cross the road but those who generally walk along the road during leaf fall and icy conditions which makes York Stone paving hazardous.
    Both cyclists and motorist will find a stone sett road surface difficult to negotiate. And even more cyclists will use the pavement than they do now.

  3. Elizabeth Motley says:

    I live at No. 254, and I have looked at the top half of Western Stone Setts which are now exposed, and they look in very good condition – they could be patched and repaired where necessary. It would be possible to insert strips of textured setts every now and again to improve slip resistance, although Tarmac can also be slippery. If these setts were treated properly, they would need very little maintenance in years to come, and minimise any potholes. They are beautiful to look at enhancing the stone fronted houses and garden walls. If they are covered in tarmac, the opportunity we have now would be lost. Stone or granite setts are often used in new housing developments in family areas, as the nature of them slows traffic down. The 20mph speed limit is not being adhered to. I cannot see any reason why this opportunity should not be explored, even at this stage.

  4. Further to my previous message, I would like to add I think that the cobbles will enhance the street and I agree that they will deter people from breaking the 20mph speed limit as they now do. Everyone knows that the present road repairs around Sheffield which consists of skimming the roads with a thin layer of tarmac is a short term solution which in a couple of years will result in endless patching. There is an opportunity here to make an aesthetically pleasing and practical improvement and I support it.

  5. Sandra Johnson says:

    I am in favour of keeping the cobbles. They are a part of the heritage of this Victorian street.

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