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Full Council 1st June 2022- Questions from Councillor Tim Huggan

by timhuggan on 6 June, 2022

Question of Councillor Tim Huggan to the Chair of the Communities, Parks and Leisure Policy Committee (Councillor Richard Williams).

What plans are there to install electric charging points for ‘Concession’ Vehicles in Sheffield’s Parks. In particular, could the new Committee, as part of the Bolehills Pavilion rebuild, consider having an external electric point installed as part of the upcoming rebuild?

Answer from Councillor Richard Williams

 Initial work has been done assessing where electric points could be installed to support ‘concession’ vehicles in parks – largely ice cream vans at this stage, whilst also looking at other uses for the power outlets including additional event use and catering units. We have also included the need to move to electric power (over diesel generators) in the ice cream tenders within parks recently. The current Bolehills Pavilion rebuild does not have plans for external power supplies, but we will review the project to assess whether the power supplies to the building can support additional external power requirements. This would then provide the opportunity for further external supply (likely located away from the building) to be connected at a later date in a location appropriate for any desired catering / ice cream use.

Questions of Councillor Tim Huggan to the Co-Chairs of the Transport, Regeneration and Climate Policy Committee (Councillor Julie Grocutt and Councillor Mazher Iqbal)

Q.1 As part of the Crookes Low Traffic Neighbourhood, we were shown maps with road crossings, when will these road crossings be put in?

Answer from Councillor Julie Grocutt and Councillor Mazher Iqbal

 The results from the workshops and the engagement website clearly identified a desire for improved light controlled pedestrian crossings as part of the Crookes Active Travel Neighbourhood – so three crossings were added to the scope of the scheme. The work on providing the ‘dropped’ crossing down to carriageway level is planned to be completed at all three sites by mid-June. The installation of the temporary traffic lights is currently planned to be during the week beginning 27th June.

Q.2 As part of the Crookes Low Traffic Neighbourhood, it is intended that Cycle Storage would be put in on Crookes, when is this to happen?

Answer from Councillor Julie Grocutt and Councillor Mazher Iqbal

The scheme includes a budget for secure cycle storage in five locations within Crookes. The storage would be on street and take up a parking space of at least one car. We have recently asked residents to suggest locations for secure cycle storage, so we are working through how we assess these requests – including taking into account views on any lost parking on the street. We then want residents to be involved in the decision on the type of facility provided. This will take time, so don’t expect the secure cycle parking to be available by the time the Crookes scheme is fully implemented. However, we would hope that they be available by late Autumn this year.

Q.3 As Chair, will you be attending any of the ‘Question and Answer’ sessions scheduled in June and July for residents in Crookes as part of the public consultation?

Answer from Councillor Julie Grocutt and Councillor Mazher Iqbal

We have given a commitment to attend the Question-and-Answer sessions, diaries permitting once we have confirmation of the dates, and look forward to speaking to members of the public to hear their views on proposals. We Page 9 Page | 10 are keen to join local colleagues, working with local residents and the LACs to get the maximum benefit from the scheme.

Q.4 There has been yet another accident on Manchester Road involving a schoolchild, on the stretch of road adjacent to Tapton Fields. Are there any plans for further road safety measures so that schoolchildren for Lydgate Junior School, King Edward VII Lower School and Tapton School can get to school more safely?

Answer from Councillor Julie Grocutt and Councillor Mazher Iqbal

Over the years, these schools have had input from the Road Safety Education Team covering key topics on how to travel safer. We continue to stay in contact with the schools and offer further sessions and help where needed. We have no plans to stop the existing school crossing patrol at Lydgate. We are working with Local Area Committees to develop a programme of sites that will see a rotation of Vehicle Activated Signs on key routes in Sheffield. The signs will display a ‘smiley face’ if speeds are less than 30mph. Although the implementation dates within the programme still need to be confirmed, two of the sites in the programme are Manchester Road – near Tapton Fields and Lydgate Lane.

Question of Councillor Tim Huggan to the Chair of the Waste and Streetscene Policy Committee (Councillor Joe Otten)

Q. What Plans have been left for the introduction of a household food waste by the Cabinet Member responsible for this? Will the Committee be looking at this in the coming months?

Answer from Councillor Joe Otten.

We are keen to ensure that we can secure new burdens funding from Government for introducing weekly food waste collections. New burdens funding is allocated when the Government mandates increased services, such as food waste collections through the Environment Act, 2021. In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that, working with Veolia, we are preparing for the roll out of food waste collection with a small trial – less than 10,000 households and for 12 weeks. Proposals for this will be considered by the Waste and Street Scene Policy Committee in June and evidence from the trial will be used to inform the subsequent city wide roll out.

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