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Grant applications open for businesses forced to close in Sheffield

by timhuggan on 29 October, 2020

The application for the Local Restriction Business Support Grant is now live. Businesses who have been forced to close because of new local restrictions may be able to apply for a grant. 

Businesses can apply for the grant on the Sheffield City Council website at:

The grant is available to:

  • pubs, bars and licensed premises that do not serve substantial meals and have to close
  • casinos and betting shops
  • adult gaming centres
  • soft play centres

Sheffield City Council is awaiting confirmation from government to find out if pubs, bars and licensed premises that have chosen to close, even though they serve substantial meals, can access this support and by when this decision needs to be taken. Updates on this will be issued as soon as possible, however in the meantime businesses are encouraged to apply now if they have already closed so that the Council can start to process their application. 

The Local Restrictions Business Support Grant helps businesses that have been required to close due to the government’s local lockdown restrictions by providing grants of £667, £1000 or £1500 every two weeks whilst the restrictions are in place.

The amount businesses receive depends on the rateable value (RV) of the property and the length of time the business remains closed.  

Sheffield City Council has also produced a ‘Tier 3 guide for businesses’ based on frequently asked questions they’ve received about the restrictions and closures. These are available on Sheffield City Council’s business coronavirus pages here.

Last time, Sheffield had to hand back nearly £18 million that it was incapable of giving to businesses. Let’s hope it does better this time.

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