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Labour still hasn’t the foggiest idea on how to tackle Climate Emergency

by timhuggan on 4 July, 2019

Yesterday, Sheffield City Council discussed the report presented by the Tyndall Centre on its approach to reaching its self-declared target for becoming Carbon neutral by 2030.

It is full of facts and statements on the climate science but little in the way on detail on how the Council should achieve the goal, indeed the report suggest 2038 as the date this could be achieved.

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet member for Climate Change Tim Huggan said

‘This is thin gruel coming from the ruling group on what it plans to do.   Apart from adopting the Lib Dems plan for a Citizens assembly that it rejected only this February;  it has shown few ideas on how to tackle the Climate Emergency confronting our city.

With just 3,836 days until 2030, the Council should set ambitious but realistic targets, use the expertise from a properly constituted Citizens Assembly and monitor its progress on an annual basis.

Until it start showing that it is up to the task, the people of Sheffield will continue to show their distrust of a Labour party out of ideas which continues to fail our city.’

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