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Scrutiny Council on Environment mustn’t just be a PowerPoint presentation and hot air

by timhuggan on 25 June, 2019

It has been announced that the next meeting of Sheffield City Council on July 3rd will be a ‘Scrutiny Council’ on the environment and its declaration of a Climate Emergency.   Council bosses have now said that the meeting will be a PowerPoint presentation and a report from the Tyndale Centre, not from the City Council itself.  A debate will then follow.

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet member for Climate Change Cllr Tim Huggan said

‘After 9 years in Control of the Council, Labour run Sheffield is more congested, has poorer air quality and its recycling rates are worse than their neighbours.  It is always someone else’s fault rather than their own leadership.

Labour at the City Council seem to like reports, unfortunately acting on those reports seems the difficult part. The climate emergency is serious. This meeting mustn’t be an hour of knock-about debate without anything moving forward. We need action.

The City Council has a real opportunity to take this issue seriously when it next meets on the 3rd July, but I am not sure what we are scrutinising.   The need to tackle the Climate Emergency it has already declared is ongoing and serious.’ 

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