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Labour’s Citizen Assembly proposals must not be used to block opposition

by timhuggan on 12 June, 2019

Following Labour’s announcement that a Citizens Assembly for Sheffield would be set up to help draw up plans to make Sheffield Carbon Neutral by 2030 at yesterday’s (12th June) Full Council meeting.  

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet member for Climate Change Tim Huggan said

 ‘The plans drawn up by Labour, without wider consultation must be a way of packing an assembly body with handpicked mates and colleagues.  It must not side-line opposition and independent voices who can contribute to any cross-party efforts to help Sheffield achieve its new goal of decarbonising the City by 2030.’

He added ‘I worry when plans are announced at short notice and piggy backed onto incoherent and flawed motions to council and announced as if it’s a special present to the city.  The Labour Party must publish what and how the Citizens Assembly will be selected and operate at the earliest possible opportunity.’

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